Suzanne Frew is an Emergency Management Consultant focusing on Inclusion, Equity, Accessibility and Cultural Competency for Highly Diverse Communities at Risk

Suzanne Frew – Inclusive Emergency Management Consultant

Founder – President – Principal Consultant – Lead Facilitator

Suzanne Frew is an Emergency Management Consultant Focusing on Inclusion, Equity, Accessibility and Cultural Competency for Highly Diverse Communities at Risk

Suzanne has been helping governments, businesses, and community organizations manage risk, build institutional capacity and improve communications for over three decades. 

She has extensive expertise working with leaders of culturally diverse communities at risk to build cultural competency and inclusive policies, procedures, and practices grounded in inclusion, equity, and accessibility.

She has spent almost three decades working across different countries, states and jurisdictions, island territories, and tribal nations, helping people from hundreds of unique cultures from across the globe.

She specializes in applying innovative approaches to design thinking, serious gaming, storytelling, and cross-cultural communications to resilience and recovery planning, training and exercises, and communications outreach and engagement.

Suzanne has worked in one way or another on the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery related to virtually every type of natural and manmade hazard and disaster, from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires, to terrorism, school shootings, and infectious disease. 

Her life’s work is about seeing blind spots in helping others reach the unreachable, serving those who are high-risk and in the most need, being a cultural broker between groups who don’t understand each other, and building a partnership table-crafted to create long-lasting collaboration.

Suzanne Frew leads The Frew Group, a certified Woman-Owned Small Business and Woman Business Enterprise based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Suzanne is an adjunct instructor for social media in emergency management, leadership, and community resilience for the University of Hawaii’s National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC).
Ms. Frew is also a contributing author to four disaster resilience books and has written numerous professional articles – many are available in our Resource Library  and Suzanne Frew on

Suzanne is an international speaker, a keynote, and a prior FEMA IX PIO and Mitigation Marketing, Education, and Partnership Development Coordinator. She works throughout the U.S., Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean, and Canada. 

She is a member of the IAEM Diversity Committee, IAEM Technology Caucus, and a founding member of the Gender and Disaster Network. She holds an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA in Interdisciplinary Public Relations/International Social Welfare.

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Suzanne is best known for:

  • Being a Culture Bridge Builder and connecting diverse groups

  • Depth and breadth of her industry knowledge

  • Her ability to gather intricate and subtle details of cultures and communities to ensure inclusion in big-picture planning

  • A calm and empowering demeanor

  • Seemingly effortless talent engaging any group, community, and cross-cultural groups

  • Her compassion and integrity