Risk and Crisis
Communication and Engagement

If you don’t communicate clearly, will you meet your communication goals? Successfully launch an outreach campaign or new program? Evacuate a neighborhood with minutes to spare? Respond when a crisis hits and everyone is demanding answers?

One of the most critical elements of any endeavor is communicating effectively – it is also a Blind Spot where many initiatives fail. Risk and crisis communications often fall short because they are crafted based on what the communicator believes to be the need and outreach approaches, not on what others actually need to hear, or in ways they understand or can personalize to their own situation.

Cultural communication blind spots in emergency management and disaster mitigation

Our deep understanding of culture drives effective communications.

The Frew Group’s differentiator is our ability to leverage our decades of cross-cultural communications experience and core expertise in diversity and inclusion. We partner with you to identify gaps, plan strategies, and create communications outreach and engagement. We partner with you to implement sustainable programs.

We work with you as a consulting partner or as a government agency, organization, or business addressing your own challenging engagement issues. Using a structured, research-based process we help you assess needs, bring the right people to the table, and create the communications services and programs needed. We deliver technical assistance, outreach, awareness programs, training, and assessments.

Our capabilities

 Assessments and scoping studies

Strategy and Planning

Crisis and Risk Communications

Cross-Cultural and Social Communications

Community Outreach

Stakeholder Engagement

Partnership Development

Plan Development and Review

Climate Change Community Planning

Communicate effectively, be resilient.

Want to find out more about how working with TFG will help with your unique challenges? We’re ready to have a conversation.

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