Emergency Planning and Guidance Documents

Get Emergency Management Planning and Guidance documents tailored to your organization’s needs. 

Working with The Frew Group planners, your team and stakeholders will know their voices are being heard and understood. Our planners translate your planning content, organizational concerns, and vision into an accessible, easy-to-use planning tool.

Our goal is that clients walk away with a working guidance document that is ready to put into action and be updated as needed.


Diversity, equity, and inclusion planning process | Suzanne Frew

How do we provide the most effective planning and guidance documents?

The Frew Group firmly believes that plans and the planning process most effectively drive organizational success when built on local expertise, are inclusive of issues affecting all diverse populations, and are treated as working documents.

We provide subject matter expertise and technical assistance to assist clients in visioning, facilitating, and crafting locally inspired, strong, sustainable plans, protocols, and guidance documents.

We also support the follow-on trainings and exercises that take the next step to bring the plan to life.

Our team members have written hundreds of plans and guidance documents for the emergency management community, academic institutions, businesses, and community organizations. From preparedness, response, and recovery to mitigation in areas of emergency and disasters, health care, climate change, and social services – we bring a deep commitment to helping clients build resilient and healthy communities.

Our focus extends beyond safety to improving business and organizational policies, industry footprint, and engagement with diverse populations and communities by building organizational diversity and inclusion plans and outreach strategies.

What makes our planning different from other inclusive emergency management consulting firms?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: we are strongly committed to ensuring the planning process and activities result in plans and strategies that are inclusive of diverse populations. Our clients benefit from our expertise in integrating planning reflecting specific requirements and considerations for access and functional needs (AFN), cross-cultural, and ensuring solutions that keep diversity and equity a top priority.

Our differentiator is our unequaled expertise in integrating cultural and social inclusion of your multi-cultural and cross-sector critical stakeholders in the planning activities. Our collaborative processes address cultural biases to guide outreach and ensure wide, inclusive stakeholder participation to inform the planning process.

We recognize the activities and input important to our client stakeholders for achieving goals and work diligently to involve the input throughout the planning activities and processes.

diversity consulting team planning and guidance documents for inclusive emergency management
design, write, test and review plans, protocols and guidance documents

Our process for emergency management planning and guidance documents?

At every stage of a planning project we help our clients gain essential community buy-in needed to meet their project goal. We work with you to strengthen and build your planning capacity to more effectively connect with, engage and empower planning participants.

From the initial kick off meeting, through the document audits and needs assessments, to the community engagement meetings and plan design and reviews, client needs and concerns stay front and center. For our government clients, we work closely with them to ensure compliance to federal, state and municipality regulations. We collaborate with our private sector clients to ensure regulatory compliance as well as strengthen their company or academic institutional foundations for governance, leadership capacity building, and market -focused planning.

We’re in your corner. We believe in achieving sustainable results. Throughout the planning process, we intentionally build your capacity through skills building, knowledge advising and coaching.

You never have to feel the loss of support once a plan is completed. We can be there to help guide and support you with planning updates and reviews over the long haul as conditions, circumstances and regulations change, and events occur.

Emergency worker reading Emergency planning and guidance documents

What is our bench?

Our team brings decades of best practices, field experiences, and industry leaders to help clients improve their delivery of government, business, and organizational service.

We have supported end clients as well as consulting teaming partners both domestically and internationally to design, write, test, and review plans, protocols, and guidance documents across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Our capabilities

 Gap analysis
 Needs assessments
 Plan development and review
Stakeholder analysis, outreach, and engagement
 Cultural analysis
 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion planning and review
 Americans with Disabilities Act and Access and Functional Needs (ADA-AFN) planning

What our clients say:

❝ LYON Associates, Inc. and The Frew Group expertly executed an excellent guidance document under an especially challenging deadline, producing engaging materials clearly designed for a cross-cultural learning environment. The deliverables we received exceeded expectations and we especially appreciate creativity, flexibility, and ongoing commitment of the project manager Ms. Caplan and project lead Ms. Frew. From attending long calls while accommodating our unique timezone to developing innovative, fun, and educational training materials Suzanne in particular went above and beyond the call of duty. We would certainly recommend this team for future projects! ❞
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