The Importance of Transcreation in Inclusive Emergency Management:

Accurate Translation Saves Lives

transcreation diagram

Inclusive emergency management requires accurate and effective communication with diverse populations in times of crisis. However, traditional translation methods may not always be sufficient to convey messages that are culturally appropriate and resonate with the intended audience. This is where transcreation comes in as an essential tool for emergency management. In this post, we will define this communication method and explain its importance in creating inclusive emergency management strategies.

3 Steps for Translating Messages for a Crisis Environment

3 Steps for Translating Messages for a Crisis Environment

Today I’d like to share with you 3 key steps for translating messages for a crisis environment. Our job is to provide translations that people can really act on. So let’s think about the translation process for a minute. Accurate translation is very important for getting information out to diverse populations in a crisis environment. […]

5 Keys to Building Community Resilience:

Search for the Tipping Point

5 Keys to Building Community Resilience

Roundtable on Emergency Management and Resiliency Building, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Public Health Agency of Canada Stepping into the Known and Unknown & Building Community Resilience Our communities – complex, multi-cultural, and ever-changing – are intricately intertwined by family relationships, community networks, opportunities for livelihood, and a deep-seated need for a safe environment […]

Community Voices, Courage to Dream:

TEDx Maui – It’s an amazing experience.

TEDxMaui - Community Voices, Courage to Dream 2012

TEDx event – It’s an amazing experience. Ever attended a TED or a TEDx event? It’s an amazing experience. Think of it as random acts of inspiration –a community of individuals drawn together to share their passion about ideas, inventions, music, life experiences and much more. Some speak. Some listen. Everyone connects. It’s a pretty […]