Human-Centered Design in Emergency Management and Planning:

Removing blind spots in the field of disaster mitigation and emergency management

Human-centered design in emergency management and planning - world with planning book and arrows pointing to human figures

The effectiveness of emergency management and planning designs significantly impacts affected communities’ lives, well-being, and resilience. Traditional approaches have primarily focused on logistics and infrastructure, but the emergence of a human-centered approach has revolutionized how we approach problem-solving in emergency management.

We explore the blind spots in cultural communication that arise from traditional emergency management and emphasize the significance of human-centered design, its crucial role in the development process, the importance of potential solutions, and how The Frew Group utilizes this approach as part of the design process to create a human-centered approach that improves outcomes and saves lives.

The Importance of Transcreation in Inclusive Emergency Management:

The difference between translation and transcreation can mean life or death

Transcreation in Emergency Management | The Frew Group

Inclusive emergency management requires accurate and effective communication with diverse populations in times of crisis. However, traditional translation methods may not always be sufficient to convey messages that are culturally appropriate and resonate with the intended audience. This is where transcreation comes in as an essential tool for emergency management. In this post, we will define this communication method and explain its importance in creating inclusive emergency management strategies.

3 Steps for Translating Messages for a Crisis Environment

3 Steps for Translating Messages for a Crisis Environment

Our job is to provide translations that people can really act on. So let’s think about the translation process for a minute.

Accurate translation is very important for getting information out to diverse populations in a crisis environment.

As a matter of fact, there is a process for leading people to action.

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