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The Frew Group develops effective strategies to promote community resilience, build community engagement, and communicate across sectors and cultures. We deliver innovative public awareness and community outreach—a challenge that often serves as a barrier to sustained success. We help you address the growing issues of changing ecosystems, disaster management, community development and organizational challenges.

Our team is dedicated to an inclusive and transparent planning and implementation process. We collaborate closely with you and your key stakeholders in each service offered. We bring our creative yet practical problem-solving attitude to consider elements and aspects not typically addressed, such as socio-cultural “human factors.”   

Strategic Communications

  • Risk and Crisis Communications

    Preparing for and responding to risk issues and disasters through traditional, digital and social media is critical for staying relevant and timely. We teach your team how to activate, inform and respond. More
  • Communications Strategy and Tactical Planning
    We align your communication outreach approaches and practices with organizational or brand objectives, business goals and overall strategy to broaden reach and expand organizational impact. We work with your team to analyze, strategize and implement. More
  • Social Media

    We position you as a thought leader and strategically and tactically expand your online presence. To gain wider geographic reach, greater audience penetration and rapid information exchange, we design and execute social media strategies and campaigns. More
  • Awareness & Outreach Campaigns

    We craft campaigns, strategies and plans that cross cultures, ethnicities and sectors. We reach and engage diverse communities and key stakeholders. More
  • Media Production
    Our storytellers are “creatives” who bring your message to life through rich media such as photography, video and graphics. More

Community Resilience

  • Workshops, Training and Education
    We offer capacity building activities and programs that actively engage participants, building knowledge, skills and abilities. More
  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Whether it’s gathering feedback, facilitating planning or helping present challenging issues, we identify and reach key multicultural and sector audiences through engaging tools and approaches. More
  • Partnership Development

    Building a “win-win” can be a challenge. We bring the right people and organizations to the table, brokering sustainable agreements with those who can help you achieve your objective. More
  • Research and Assessments

    We use proven research approaches such as in-depth interviews, surveys, focus groups, and literature searches to identify, research and evaluate resources, programs, activities, and opportunities. The results are delivered in useful formats that support a seamless and transparent knowledge transfer. More

Emergency Management

  • Analysis And Strategy Development
    We identify and problem solve areas of weakness, compliancy changes and communication needs related to existing issues, risks or growing concerns. More
  • Planning For Preparedness And Disaster Risk Reduction
    We work with you to develop or update your emergency and disaster plans. We identify and use holistic and inclusive ways to protect life, property, environment and quality of life. We specialize in planning for high risk vulnerable populations, including gender, race, ethnicity, disability and age. More
  • Partnership Development

    We identify and broker sustainable agreements with trusted stakeholders to empower development of your disaster risk reduction, response and recovery efforts. More
  • Mitigation Planning
    Using inclusive engagement and planning practices, we deliver single or multi-hazard mitigation plans and recommendations to reduce damages (physical, social, environmental and economic) and foster resilience in your community, organization or business. More
  • Training and Exercises
    Whether developing and activating scenarios, serving as onsite evaluators or conducting after-action reviews, we help you ensure your organization builds capacity and meets mandated requirements. More


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