Emergency Management

Disaster risk is growing. Are you prepared to deal with the new challenges due to shifting socio-economic  landscapes, increased focus on public/private partnering, and changing weather concerns such as climate change?

We help you address the critical and timely issue of disaster risk reduction — before, during and after a disaster. We identify and use holistic and inclusive ways to protect life, property, environment and quality of life. We specialize in planning for high risk vulnerable populations, including gender, race, ethnicity, disability and age.

We work with you to develop your disaster management plans. Using inclusive engagement and planning practices, we deliver single or multi-hazard mitigation plans and recommendations to reduce damages (physical, social, environmental and economic) and foster resilience in your community, organization or business. Whether developing and running scenarios, serving as onsite evaluators or conducting after-action reviews, we help you ensure your organization builds capacity and meets mandated requirements.

Whether you are a government agency, a business or a community, we will help you prepare for the risk you face.

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