Community Resilience

Whether planning new development or recovering from a devastating natural disaster, our future relies on creating healthy and sustainable communities. The Frew Group helps you holistically strengthen your  community’s or organization’s resilience and sustainability by leveraging resources, expanding capacity and encouraging authentic dialogue.  We build bridges between sectors and across cultures through innovative strategies, workshops and trainings. We create pathways for engaging high risk, multi-cultural vulnerable populations. Our team honors cultural and spiritual traditions, empowering inclusive engagement and helping you move towards building what FEMA calls a whole community. 

Strengthening Your Organization
Communities, organizations and businesses are faced with shrinking resources, expanding multi-culturalism and globalization. Natural disasters, climate change, and concerns over food and water security are emerging as critical planning considerations.  We prepare and strengthen you to meet these challenges through innovative capacity-building activities and strategies. We reach into complex, diverse communities to help you better understand their needs and engage multi-sector stakeholders. 

Our team brings innovative tools, resources and collaborative approaches to each project. We build capacity by applying lessons learned from broad experience training federal, state and local agencies and organizations and the business community.  We keep on top of current trends and increase our expertise by serving as adjunct instructors, connecting with professional associations and supporting grassroots level volunteers. 

Call us to explore how we can help you meet your current challenges—and those just around the corner.

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