US Terrorism: Are We Ready?

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US Terrorism: Are We Ready?

Terrorism. We’ve learned, and we’ve absorbed.

Most assuredly, I agree, this is not a cause for celebration or satisfaction. This week has been a time for reflection by anyone working in the realm of disaster management, public safety and healthcare. The diligent efforts of the many professionals who work together to respond to the unthinkable paid off in Boston this week after the Boston Marathon bombings. On the streets, in emergency rooms, in emergency operations centers, on social media feeds, and elsewhere.

Paramedics load injured man into ambulance after he was injured in Boston Marathon bombings. Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images/AF

Paramedics attend to injured man after Boston Marathon bombings. Photo by Jim Rogash / Getty Images

Ever since those soul wrenching dark days after 9/11, we’ve been writing response plans, designing terrorism scenarios, conducting exercises, then rewriting plans, reworking exercises, developing concepts of operations (CONOPS), finding new approaches to meet the challenge of the eternal “what if.” And still, we have so much yet to learn.

So are we ready? I honestly don’t know–will we ever be? But what I do know is that we have gotten so much better. And the staffs at the Boston hospitals who received the mass casualties proved that all the hard work, as well as the baby steps, are working, as this New Yorker article aptly describes.


The New Yorker

2013 Boston Marathon

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  1. I don’t know if we can ever be truly ready, but I think Boston proved that we can be excellent in our response. Great post. I look forward to reading the while New Yorker article.. Thanks for the link.

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