"The Frew Group brings integrated, lasting solutions to the world through innovation, people and social technologies. "

Strategic Communications

Helping people tell their story, that’s what we’re all about. We bridge sectors and cross cultures, creatively embracing and honoring social landscapes. Whether it’s reaching key stakeholders, community members or business customers, our deeply experienced team will empower you to be strategic, cost effective and reach the right audiences. We support your communication vision. More

Community Resilience

Whether designing new communities or recovering from disaster, our future relies on healthy, holistic communities. Strengthening a community’s resilience—and ensuring its sustainability—we honor cultural and spiritual traditions through planning, facilitation and capacity building. Building bridges across cultures and between disparate groups. More

Emergency Management

Disaster risk is growing. Are you prepared to deal with the new challenges due to shifting socio-economic landscapes, increased focus on public/private partnering, and changing weather concerns such as climate change? We help you address the critical and timely issue of disaster risk reduction — before, during and after a disaster. We specialize in planning for high risk vulnerable populations. More

Recent Blog Posts

Reporting Typhoon Haiyan: Dishing Up News a New Way

 After a major disaster, global news media outlets provide an important public service:...

The Pink Paddle: A Gift of Hope

The gift of a new pink Hawaiian outrigger paddle offers a thank you for connecting a friend fighting cancer to the Maui community that supports his healing.

Ocean Vodka: Celebrating Spirits, Sustainability and Love

Ocean Vodka Organic Farm and Distillery's grand opening brought the Maui community together to celebrate sustainable agriculture, great spirits and local love.

US Terrorism: Are We Ready?

Reflections after the Boston Marathon terrorism bombings on the progress made by professionals in preparing for and responding to terrorism attacks in the US since the attacks of 9/11.

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